Links to Other Shamanic Sites

Michael Harner’s Foundation for Shamanic Studies

The premiere vehicle for learning universal core shamanic practices for healing, service, and personal spiritual growth.

Sandra Ingerman

Teaching schedule, ceremonies, meditations, and articles related to shamanic healing and the transmutation of environmental toxins for a healthier planet.

Karl Schlotterbeck’s Invisible Druid Order

Nonsectarian and transcultural course of bardic, ovate, and druidic disciplines for personal spiritual development and social action.

Carol Proudfoot-Edgar

Teachings, writings, and ceremonial work to create a global shamanic community that respects and honors the sacred life-ways of indigenous peoples.

Spirit Passages

Shamanic writings, workshops, and retreats with a focus on healing both the individual and the planet.  Facilitated by C. Allie Knowlton, MSW, LCSW, DCSW and Evelyn Rysdyk, author of Modern Shamanic Living.

Alida Birch

Offers long distance compassionate spiritual healing and soul retrieval for those people who want help with their life, their health or their emotions.  She is an esteemed healer, counselor, and teacher.  She offers shamanic training, annual vision quests, a monthly shamanic healing circle and sponsors many shamanic trainers for Eugene, Oregon.

Susan McClellan

Susan is a shamanic healer and teacher.  She has studied with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and with teachers of indigenous counseling and healing practice in Wilmington, Delaware. Her site is an informational and cultural resource for the shamanic journeyer.

Society for Shamanic Practitioners

The official interactive website for the Society for Shamanic Practitioners contains bi-monthly e-newsletter, online library, case studies database, mentoring connections, chat room, as well as announcements about SSP-sponsored events such as the annual 5-day conference. A website to create and preserve an international community for practitioners of all traditions and continents.

Spirit Weavers

Kate Durda, M.A. and Stephanie Tighe, MSW

Located in Michigan, Kate and Stephanie are shamanic practitioners who offer shamanic healing and experiential shamanic training, medicine for the Earth work, ongoing journey circles, and supportive spiritual community. They are graduates of the three-year training program with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, the Harner Method of shamanic counseling, Sandra Ingerman’s two-year teacher-training course, and her medicine for the Earth training. They also sponsor workshops with internationally respected shamanic teachers.