Singing in the Dark Times

I have been haunted recently by this four-line poem by Bertolt Brecht. 

And in the dark times
Will there also be singing?
Yes, there will be singing
About the dark times.

Okay. However. It seems the dark times also require some singing about the bright times.

At our reunion this year we will use poetry to remind ourselves of the brighter times that have been and will come again. I will bring a dozen or so poems that we will use for journeying, meditating, ceremony, and other exercises. Some of these will be poems we have looked at before, some will be new. Each of them will say something important and necessary about our shamanic practice.

Celtic poets had skills and characteristics we would consider shamanic. They had visions from journeying into the Otherworld and were able to describe them and share them with others. They enjoyed a mystical relationship with the natural world of landscapes, elements, and animals. They had companions from the spirit world. They were healers.

If we infuse our shamanic practice with poetry that inspires and encourages us, we can bring light and hope into the dark times. Yes, there will be singing, but not just about the dark times.