Programs in Celtic Shamanism

Since I am not currently teaching programs in Celtic shamanism, I’d like to promote programs and events facilitated by selected former students who have studied with me.  Please note: these programs are listed below in the order I received them.  They are not chronologically listed by calendar dates. .


is a practitioner and teacher of Celtic and core shamanic studies, who lives in Southbury, CT.  Her shamanic novel and handbook, Up A Tree, was published in 2014, and she is at work on another novel that is inspired by Celtic mythology.  She remains an avid student and teacher of Celtic spirituality and tradition, and can be contacted through her website:
Two -Year Training in Celtic Shamanism
April, 2019–October, 2020 at Pumpkin Hollow Retreat Center in Craryville, NY  (Now accepting applications.)
This training is offered on four three-day weekends that occur over a two-year period.  Application and strong journeying skills are required to qualify.  This training investigates Celtic lore and cosmology, seasonal ritual and celebration; the Celts’ reverence for their homeland and the natural world, their dedication to tribal responsibility and a virtuous life; and their powerful and poetic healing and spiritual practices. Lecture and journey time will be reinforced by rituals, creative exercises and healing ceremonies.  (For more information, email:

Introduction to Celtic Shamanism
June 1-2, 2019 in Albany, NY, or
October 18-20, 2019 at Stone Church Center in Bellows Falls, VT
This workshop will lead you into the hollow hills, the icy sea, and the splendor of the sky, as they once were experienced by the ancient Celtic races.  You will learn how to access the Otherworld, and locate spirit allies.  You will explore the three cauldrons of energy, shapeshifting, omen hunting, the Celtic Medicine Wheel, the light and dark times of the year, the spiritual intention of ordeal, and the transmigration of the soul.  (For more information, email:


is a full time teacher and healer living in  Minneapolis. He has studied shamanism since 1983. For several years he has has traveled to Peru every six months to learn from the Shipibo people of the Upper Amazon and learn about the Andean tradition with another teacher in Cusco, Peru. He has studied extensively with Jose and Lena Stevens of the Power Path, and is one of their approved healing practitioners. He has completed a two-year Celtic Shamanism training with Tom Cowan. He has also studied with Ailo Gaup (Sami), Martin Prechtel (Mayan) and Sandra Ingerman, among others. He is the president of board of directors of the international Society for Shamanic Practice. He has a Master’s Degree in Theology and the Arts from United Seminary of the Twin Cities. His book Drumming The Soul Awake is an often funny and touching account of his journey to become an urban shamanic practitioner. 

Programs Offered and Dates: Jaime teachers throughout the year programs of varying length and depth. He is also working on growing library of online trainings.
has been studying Celtic history and mythology for 30+ years and has formed a deep and true connection with the heroes and heroines. He trained with Elen Sentier in the ways of Celtic Shamanism in 2002 and opened Neolyth, a shamanic meditation center in Montclair, NJ in 2014. Brian has also studied Buddhism, Vedic and Native American traditions and feels that the connection between them all transcends individual cultures, traditions and lineages. It is this thought that resonates with him and in his work. No matter what culture you embrace or connections you make, shamanism is a practice that can help you get to a deeper sense of self

Walking With Fairies at Columcille
July 20, 2019 at Columcille Megalith Park near Bangor, PA
Come celebrate a day of magic and mystery as we explore the timeless megalithic park of Columcille. We will meet some of the parks hidden inhabitants, consider fairy lore, meditate and journey to the powerful spirits of the park.
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Celtic Medicine Wheel

7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Date TBD at 39 Glenridge Avenue, Montcllair, NJ.
We will travel through the directions on the Irish spirit wheel coming from that place of grounded ness, connecting to prosperity and abundance, finding the great mystery, working with our inner knowledge and intuition, touching on our internal struggles and battles and then coming back to wholeness and balance.

We will then work with the Celtic cauldrons for righting our alignment and filling ourselves with the life force of the universe.
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Cauldrons of Poesy workshop
7:00 p.m. To 9:00 p.m. Date TBD
at 39 Glenridge Avenue, Monclair, NJ.
Come and explore the 3 Celtic Cauldrons and work to align these cauldrons within yourself. We will journey to each cauldron to discover your connection to the Cauldron of Warming, the Cauldron of Vocation and the Cauldron of Knowledge and how they need to be aligned with your life’s path. Then each will work with his or her divine source to fill these Cauldrons and be at one with Source.
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Ancient Celtic Ancestry Ceremony
7:00 p.m. To 9:00 p.m. Date TBD
at 39 Glenridge Avenue, Monclair, NJ.
We will enter into our archaic minds to go back and connect to our ancient heritage in order to access knowledge from a time and space before language and experience classified life aswe know it. If we are able to slip past that knowing, we can access intuition and a connection to our ancestry like never before.
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Reid Hart
has presented workshops on shamanism, otherworld exploration, and the Western Mysteries for more than 20 years. He focuses on Celtic, Nordic, Faery and Druidic ways to access the Western Mystery tradition. He guides personal discovery using shamanic methods—working in partnership with the Spirits.  We all long for a deeper connection to our ancestors, spirits of place and the cosmos. Receive powerful gateway initiations into mysteries of the earth, otherworld, and the stars. Workshops are offered both online and locally in Eugene, Oregon.

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The Ancestors and Power Places
TBA 2021 in Eugene Oregon
Connect with the Guardians and powers of nature and your own birth destiny. Become truly native in your place. Raise earth power to energize body and soul. Honor your ancestors and clear ancestral blood lines.

The Faery and Weavers of Fate
November 16-17 2019 in Eugene Oregon
Connect with the faery of the otherworld. Meet the Weaver who initiates you into the mystery of the warp and weft of fate. Work at the crossroads with Life, Luck, Love, and Destiny.

 Rune Power & Seith
February 8-9 2020 in Eugene Oregon
Visit the well of memory and encounter the spirit of the Runes in a sacred grove. Climb the high-seat and engage Seith (sei∂r or truth telling). Harness the power of rune magic for divination and transformation

 Tarot Spirits: Healing, Stars & Shadow
LIVE online 7-week course; March to May 2020
Create a valuable relationship with the Tarot Spirits as trusted advisers and powerful helpers. Understand the Celtic roots of the Tarot images. Receive healing, gifts and wisdom from the 22 Spirits of the Tarot Major Arcana. Apply Tarot magic to transform your life. Work with your natal astrology and the Tarot Spirits to balance your life path. Learn deep techniques to resolve life issues and conflicts. Work to balance your shadow self in a powerful way.

Merlin’s Temple and the Sacred Grove
April 18-19 2020 in Eugene Oregon.
Work with Druidic and Celtic traditions to receive wisdom and growth.  Initiate into the Archmage’s Temple. Engage power and vitality through the Celtic cauldron tradition and shape shifting. Achieve personal transformation in the Druid’s Grove.

Planetary Powers and the Tree of Life
TBA Fall 2020 in Eugene, Oregon
Use shamanic methods to call the cosmic power of the planets and universe. Climb the Tree of Life for spiritual healing and personal discovery at the heart of the Western Mysteries. Empower talismans for healing, protection, and prosperity. Connect with your subtle energetic bodies to enhance your life.

 Calling Your Destiny: The Lightning Path
TBA Fall 2020 in Eugene Oregon

Call on true creative power and become initiated into the subtle levels of the Otherworld. Understand your gifts and direction on this earth walk. Develop shamanic and Hermetic spiritual methods to clarify and manifest your life purpose.