Programs in Celtic Shamanism

Since I am not currently teaching programs in Celtic shamanism, I’d like to promote programs and events facilitated by selected former students who have studied with me.  Please note: these programs are listed below in the order I received them.  They are not chronologically listed by calendar dates. .

Tangible Soul
These are powerful times. The craft of strengthening our connection to our own souls was well honed by many of our ancestors, who relied on their souls for surviving the challenges of life. Its time for us to rediscover those practices, to reclaim our most tangible sense of spirit to support us in our own lives as well as the vitality of our communities.
This non-residential weekend workshop held at the Subud Center in Soquel CA Feb  25 & 26, 2017. Facilitated by Tim Flynn.
Link to the class details:
Contact Tim Flynn at or (831) 204-8323
Walking the Irish Spirit Wheel
Based on the work of Frank MacEowen, this workshop presents the Irish Spirit Wheel as a unique Celtic “way of seeing” which helps us become more aware of our own spiritual accomplishments, longings and desires. As we journey around the wheel, you will develop a deeper understanding of your own passage and gain the knowledge and inspiration to make you stronger and bolder as you move forward.This 5-session workshop will be held on Monday evenings in Berkeley California from February 6 to March 6, 2017. Facilitated by Kate O’Day.Link to the class details: Walking the Irish Spirit Wheel
Contact Kate at kate@shimmeringtrees.comor 510-326-6376
Seven Celtic Tales and How We Live by Them,
March 4 and 5, 2017, in Amsterdam, NY.
Journey into the realm of the soul through some of the most ancient and beloved Celtic stories.  As you plumb the depths of these tales, procuring their wisdom, meeting their heroes and heroines, and accessing their power, you will also probe and better understand the workings of the human soul. Taught by Jane Burns.
For more information, contact Barbara Neznek at

Two-Year Program in Celtic Shamanism,
This training provides a deep examination of Celtic lore, cosmology, and seasonal ritual; a reverence for the homeland and natural world, an appreciation for social/tribal responsibility; as well as, powerful and poetic healing and spiritual practices. There will be as much time and emphasis devoted to personal initiation and transformation as there will be on forging shamanic skills that can be used in the aid of others. Taught by Jane Burns.

A non-residential training over four three-day weekends beginning in May, 2017 and ending in November, 2018 in Southbury, CT.

Contact Jane Burns:
Mid-Summer Journeys in the Faery Realm
Who are the Faeries or Sidhe? Why do they want to interact with us?
How can we work with them to uplift our world and ourselves?
Meet Your Own Faery Advocate
Visit the Four Faery Cities and Glen of Precious Stones
Discover the Four Sacred Hallows of the Tuatha de Danann
Explore Faery Legends & Celtic Mystery Wisdom
Taught by Sarah Dole and Bernadette Wulf
(Shamanic Journey Experience is a Prerequisite)
Camp Meeker, Sonoma County, CA
June 24 & 25, 2017
$250 ($200 if paid by June 1st)
Contact for Registration & Information:
Sarah Dole at
or Bernadette Wulf at