Michigan and Mosswood Hollow Retreats

A Celtic Middle Way
Seeking Harmony in the Midst of Conflict

We cannot escape conflict. It will recur again and again no matter how ardently we strive to live in harmony. Perhaps this is because we live in a physical and mental world made up of dualities. We are structured to see dualism, opposites, polarities. Yet dualities and opposites do not have to be antagonistic and in conflict with each other. The great spiritual traditions encourage people to seek peace, harmony, and reconciliation.

Celtic traditions recognize the dual nature of earthly and human life, while at the same time suggesting that there is a third or middle way. Powerful images of opposites co-existing, even needing each other, are found in Celtic lore: the tree both burning and leafing; the meadows of black and white sheep; the three strains of music; the wisdom of triads; the Dagda’s harp. Celtic figures, such as Taliesin, Aengus Og, the Old Woman of Beara, and Brigid, have powerful messages about how both halves of a pair of opposites are necessary for human life and spiritual growth.

During our retreat, we’ll encounter these images and messages to let them deepen within us so that we can live in a world where polarized factions are in conflict. We will do some shamanism without borders work to help ease the conflicts of our own times. While we may not be able to eliminate conflict, chaos, confusion, and insecurity, we can find ways to be at peace with ourselves and in harmony with current situations. We will reaffirm for ourselves that it is possible to be an sith.