The Disaster Guide

I’m pleased to announce that the Society for Shamanic Practitioners’ guidebook for healing and tending in places where disaster and trauma strike has been available for about a month and is getting rave reviews. The book is a composite of articles by various SSP members who have worked with disasters, and they share their experiences with readers to inspire and suggest further shamanic responses to the world’s crises.

The guidebook is just that – a guidebook, not a blueprint, nor a set of rules and regulations. Every disaster is unique and requires the right action for its uniqueness. The book is simply a collection of philosophies and possibilities that can be a foundation for others to do similar work. The book urges readers to “read between the lines and listen between the words for Spirit to speak and comment.”

The first section contains historical perspectives on how shamans have worked in the past and modern perspectives on how we might respond to crises today. Two of the articles in this section deal with using energetic fields in the land and working with light and positive visualizations.

Section two deals with the predictable phases of disaster and how shamans might respond to each of them. It also contains ethical questions for practitioners to consider before and during their work with suffering beings so that our work comes from a place of integrity.

The third and largest section of the book is composed of articles by practitioners who faced specific challenges and the ways they dealt with them. These include working with animals who have been rescued and are now living in a shelter; healing at the scene of a motor vehicle accident; healing a dangerous intersection where multiple accidents occur; finding missing persons; remote work to heal Asian Moon Bears rescued from farms where they were held captive and restrained in order to drain their bile for market; land-tending at a windmill site; and finally, a full report from the 2010 SSP conference in Santa Cruz, California, where seven teams of shamanic practitioners conducted on-site healing and tending work for seven disasters in the county both past and present.

Shamanism Without Borders: A Guide to Shamanic Tending for Trauma and Disasters is an 82-page field guide to shamanic work for disasters resulting from natural, industrial, or human causes. It is a must for shamanic practitioners who wish to be better informed about how our unique skills can be used either on-site when crises occur or remotely when we hear about them occurring around  the world.  It can be purchased from the SSP web site for $12 plus shipping.  Go to and you will see how to order it on the home page.

As one contributor put it, “We are here to bless and be blessed.  So be a blessing!”