The suffering in Haiti draws responses from shamanic people in all parts of the world, working in different traditions.  Truly a global shamanic effort is underway.  There is much indigenous wisdom and healing occuring on the planet right now, even though most of what we see on television is grief, loss, and suffering.

Practitioners who work in the Celtic traditions can use the Wheel of Sovereignty—the Irish Medicine Wheel—as a place of healing.

Drum and journey to a place where you draw power or to a place in Haiti.  Honor the four directions and the center where you stand.

Begin facing East in that place.  Drum up the power of abundance, praying that food, water, shelter, medical equipment, and rescue workers will find their ways to the suffering people who need this most.  Work from a place of deep gratitude for your own life, and drum that gratitude to Haiti as a reserve for those who are having difficulty being grateful for their lives.

Face South.  Let your drumming be a conscious participation in the Great Song of life.  Call upon the Gods of the Harp who play the music of sorrow, joy, and peace to comfort those who are filled with sorrow, looking for something to be joyful about, or in need of peace.  Sing your own healing songs, conscious of how they harmonize (are an sith) with the Great Song.

Face West.  Let your drumming call up the wisdom and inspiration that so many people need in Haiti to continue with the rescue and healing work, to continue with their lives.  Especially pray for those who are facing their deaths that they will understand the meaning of their lives within the Great Mystery.

Face North.  Drum up courage, boldness, and strength for the “rough places,” the conflicts, the fear, the struggle and frustration that pervades the island of Haiti.  Pray that those who need courage will find it to face their fears, their losses, and their frustrations.

Stand firmly in the center.  Drum from the place of sovereignty, asking the Great Mother of Life to be present for those who need her presence most.  Pray that even in the direst situations, people will take responsibility for their lives and realize that sovereignty means caring for others as well as for themselves, caring for the entire Wheel of Life.  Be in harmony with the Wheel, and using the music of your drum, send to Haiti the harmony and rejuvenation that the island and its people need so much.

Lastly, give thanks for your life.