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Reading Poetry in Sunlight

There I was,
sitting in the morning sun,
reading poems by a poet
who is in love
with the great thriving of life
in all its abundance
and diversity,

when the cat leaped into my lap,
onto the book,
and broke a thought
that the poet had already broken
into the next line.
No, I didn’t brush the cat away
so I could finish it.
He needed some fresh scratching
beneath his chin.

Where, after all, is
the great thriving of life?

 It’s in the half-read poem,
it’s in the broken thought,
it’s under the cat’s chin.

                                     —Tom Cowan



If you are looking for programs in Celtic shamanism, please click on “Description” below.  The programs listed are presented by people who have studied with me and whose work is solid, credible, and inspiriting.  The list will be updated as i receive notices from them.


Click here for Description of selected programs.


Below is information regarding the Michigan Two-Year Reunion gathering and the Bowdoin Park Men’s gathering, and the SSP Wilderness Solo.


         Michigan Retreat:  April 25-28, 2019

         Hastings, Michigan

       People of the Wandering Fire: a weekend of closure as
we leave to pursue our separate journeys.  We will renew
our understanding of key Celtic practices that can carry us into
the future.  

                   Contact: Kate Durda at 


        Men’s Retreat: CANCELLED 
        Due to conflicts and obligations that have arisen, we are letting 2019 slide by this year.  Watch for announcements in 2020.

                          Contact Jim Wood at

 Wilderness Solo: June 8-12, 2019  Northern New Mexico



October 24-27, 2019

             The Society for Shamanic Practice (formerly the Society for Shamanic Practitioners) is dedicated to supporting the re-emergence of shamanic wisdom in the modern Western world. Please visit the new web site Also, note that the journal Contemporary Shamanism (formerly the Journal of Shamanic Practice) is now available only  on our web site.  We are no longer publishing the journal as hard copy.  It is now only on-line.