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I continue to enjoy stepping back from teaching Celtic shamanism because it gives me more time to participate in other shamanic programs and gatherings.  It also creates more personal time for reflection, my own shamanic living, writing poetry, and just being more fully in the day-to-day activities of home life. I truly miss teaching, but the trade-off is worth it, and seems to make sense for this stage in my life.

I’ve added a new page called PROGRAMS IN CELTIC SHAMANISM to promote the work of students and others I know who will present solid, credible, and inspiring work.  This will be updated as I receive notices from them.


Click here for Description of selected programs.


Below are  the dates for the three retreats I will be facilitating in 2016.

         Michigan Retreat:  April 21-24, 2016       Trusting Our Way In Dark Times                                 Contact: Kate Durda at    Description 

        Men’s Retreat:  June 3-7, 2016

 Contact Jim Wood at  Description

 Mosswood Retreat: October 28-30, 2016   Trusting Our Way in Dark Times                            Contact Stacy Van Dusen at                                          Description

This retreat is open only to people who have completed the two-year program in Celtic Shamanism.  


The Society for Shamanic Practice (formerly the Society for Shamanic Practitioners) is dedicated to supporting the re-emergence of shamanic wisdom in the modern Western world. Please visit the new web site Also, note that the journal Contemporary Shamanism (formerly the Journal of Shamanic Practice) is now available only  on our web site.  We are no longer publishing the journal as hard copy.  It is now only on-line.